AMC Has Huge Horror Lineup for October   

October 16, 2010 AMC, that dependable cable network that has been showing great classic horror films every October for as long as I can remember, is truly delivering the goods this year -- including a marathon of every original Paramount "Friday the 13th" film and the first five "Halloween" films!

Get your Tivo or DVR device programmed. Here are showtimes on AMC this month:

• House of Wax - October 22, 10pm ET
• Dead Silence - October 23, 12 :30am ET
• 28 Days Later - October 24, 8pm ET
• Jeepers Creepers 2 - October 24, 10 :30pm ET
• Evil Dead II - October 30, 10pm ET
• Dawn of the Dead - October 31, 8pm ET
• From Dusk Till Dawn - October 31, 8pm ET
• Friday the 13th parts 1-9 airing together for the first time to celebrate the franchise’s 30th Anniversary airing primetime, October 18-22
• Halloween I-V airing primetime, October 25-27
• Stephen King classics Cujo, Pet Sematary, The Shining, Sleepwalkers
and Graveyard Shift October 9
• Night of the Living Dead (1968), Frankenstein (1931), Dracula
(1931), The Wolf Man (1941) at various times.

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