Don Coscarelli Is Back!   

October 22, 2010 The man who created "Phantasm" and "Bubba Ho Tep" has a new project. It's called "John Dies at the End."

It's based on a book penned by David Wong and stars Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown and Chase Williamson. Giamatti is playing a reporter with Brown is a supernatural expert according to Aint It Cool News. Here's the storyline:

As a reminder, here's a plot crunch about the novel: It's a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can't.

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