Clips From 'Cannibal Girls'!   

October 25, 2010 This '70s cult classic, directed by Ivan Reitman, finally makes its way on DVD in the United States for the first time October 26, 2010 from Shout! Factory.

Here are three clips from the film!

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Packed with all-new bonus content featuring, original promotional materials, alternate audio track featuring the cult-famous “warning bell” and all-new interviews with Ivan Reitman, Eugene Levy, and Daniel Goldberg, this DVD further boasts the widescreen presentation of the movie, mastered from the newly restored original film elements.

Theatrically released in 1973, Cannibal Girls quickly acquired a reputation as the B-movie concoction of the 1970s. Canadian audiences had never before experienced such a rich blend of camp, gore and comedy. On top of the film’s overt B-movie presentation, the producers tore a page from the William Castle book of exploitation, introducing to the theatre-going public the “warning bell” experience: just prior to a scene of particular malice and gore, viewers would be warned by the sound of a bell, at which point they could shut their eyes.

The movie was made on a low budget -- $12,000 the duo had to beg and borrow from friends, relatives and some dubious sources -- and most of the dialogue was improvised. Despite cost overruns and reshoots, Reitman persuaded American International Pictures (AIP) to distribute the film and it was released in the U.S. in April of 1973 and in Canada that June.

This trashy black comedy, and at-times, surreal film was the first leg in the entertainment industry journey of its director and stars. Ivan Reitman, of course, went on to direct Meat Balls, Stripes, Ghostbusters and Six Days, Seven Nights. Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin went on to fame as SCTV regulars, with Levy going on to star in the American Pie franchise and a host of other films and Martin starring in a variety of TV series and one-woman shows.


Widescreen movie presentation – mastered from restored film elements
“Cannibal Guys” – a conversation with Ivan Reitman and Daniel Goldberg
“Meat Eugene” - Richard Crouse talks to Eugene Levy
Original trailers and radio spots
Alternate audio track featuring “The Warning Bell”

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