Midnight Is Now 'Midnight Legacy' -- First Title 'Alien 2: On Earth'   

November 4, 2010 One of the best sources for obscure DVD releases was Midnight, which ran the Midnight1.com Web site. Their incredible back catalog of titles is now no longer available, but they have relaunched the site with the promise of Blu-Ray releases of titles. "Alien 2: On Earth" from 1980 is their first Blu-Ray release.

As you can tell from the title, it was marketed as an unofficial sequel to "Alien", not unlike "Zombi 2" was to "Zombies". The film isn't apparently the greatest, but it is known for extreme gore. It was last seen on VHS in a cut version.

As Midnight mentioned on its blog:

The work was completed at Cinecitta, and simply put, the film looks gorgeous. It is finally, correctly framed at 1.85:1 (contrary to many who believed this was shot in scope), with more picture on all four sides when compared to the previous reference standard, the Japanese Pre-Record. As it turns out, there was actually more footage contained in the negative than anyone has ever seen, including the much fabled Dutch Pre-Record, which we can confirm now, is nothing more than a myth, as ALL versions came from the exact same digibeta which was reviewed and on hand when in Rome.

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