News Briefs: 'Stepfather' Remake Casting, 'Extinction' Cover Art   

November 12, 2007 Dylan Walsh of "Nip/Tuck" and Sela Ward of "The Fugitive" are set to serve the lead roles in the "Stepfather" remake, Variety reports. Penn Badgley will play a teenage boy who suspects his new stepfather-to-be is a psycho. ... Xavier Gens, director of "Frontiere(s)," the horror film that is getting a separate release from the AfterDark Horror fest, is set to make a cannibal movie! The film is called "Vanikoro", according to A group of shipwrecked men find themselves on a cannibal island.

DVDACtive, meanwhile, posted cover art to "Resident Evil: Extinction," which hits DVD and Blu-Ray Jan. 1. Click here for it.

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