Blue Underground to Release 'The Nesting' on DVD and Blu-Ray   

March 2, 2011 A relatively hard-to-find, gothic supernatural horror film that enjoyed some runs on cable, "The Nesting" will be getting the high definition treatment from Blue Underground this June 28.

Agoraphobic mystery novelist Lauren Cochran decides to leave the city in an attempt to cure her recent writer's block. She rents an old Victorian house in the quiet countryside, unaware of its shocking history. As those around her suffer increasingly violent deaths, Lauren begins to unravel the truth: the house was once an infamous brothel now haunted by the victims of a bloody massacre. Will her terrifying phobia allow her to escape from THE NESTING?

Also known as MASSACRE MANSION and PHOBIA, this eerie house of horrors was co-written, produced, and directed by notorious adult filmmaker Armand Weston, and stars Robin Groves (STEPHEN KING'S SILVER BULLET), John Carradine (SHOCK WAVES, THE HOWLING), and Academy Award winner Gloria Grahame (THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, OKLAHOMA!) in her final film role. Long unavailable on home video, THE NESTING has been newly transferred in High Definition from the original camera negative and is presented here in a never-before-seen Director's Cut!

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