Ridley Scott Returns to Horror   

November 13, 2007 Variety reports today that Ridley Scott is directing a "supernatural thriller" called "Stones." This looks like the "Alien" director's first horror movie in over 25 years.

Fox 2000 has attached Ridley Scott to direct "Stones," a supernatural thriller scripted by Matt Cirulnick. Scott Free will produce.
Project is a big-scale supernatural thriller revolving around the mysterious destruction of ancient religious sites around the world. It turns out that Stonehenge is the tie that binds together artifacts that still have primeval powers.

Cirulnick got the assignment after scripting "Elysium" for New Regency, a film that weaves Greek mythology into a drama. He fixed on the idea that Stonehenge, the great pyramids and other artifacts were built for a specific unified purpose.

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