Anchor Bay to Release 'Battle Royale' on Blu-Ray   

January 15, 2012 Just in time to cash in on the "Hunger Games," Anchor Bay will finally be releasing "Battle Royale" on Blu-Ray in the U.S. Here's their trailer!

And here's their press release:

Available for the first time in North America on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download on March 20th from Anchor Bay Entertainment

BATTLE ROYALE. A title that has shocked, thrilled and unnerved audiences. A film whose fiendishly simple premise has inspired many imitations, including the upcoming The Hunger Games motion picture. Based on the 1999 global best-seller by Koushun Takami, the futuristic tale first came to the screen in 2000, directed by the legendary Kinju Fukasaku. Authors, filmmakers and film fans the world over consider the film and its 2003 sequel Battle Royale II: Requiem sacred cinematic classics. And now, fans can own them on high-definition Blu-ray™ and DVD!

Click here for our review of this decade-old classic.

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