Redemption Brings Jean Rollin to Blu-Ray in the USA   

May 22, 2012 Redemption Films, the company largely responsible for bringing Jean Rollin's films to America back in the era of DVD, is now proving itself to be one of the best purveyors of classic horror on Blu-Ray.

Redemption will be bringing Jean Rollin's classic 1973 film "Requiem for a Vampire" and 1969 classic "Rape of the Vampire" to the format on May 29. Past Rollins releases from Redemption include "The Iron Rose", "Fascination", "Shiver of the Vampires" and "Lips of Blood."

On August 28, Redemption will be releasing "Two Orphan Vampires" and "The Living Dead Girl."

Redemption is shaping up as one of the very best labels for vintage horror. Previous releases on Blu-Ray from Redemption include the 1973 British horror film "The Asphyx". And Redemption's Facebook page reports they will be releasing the following non-Rollin titles to Blu-Ray soon: Lisa and the Devil / House of Exorcism, Hatchet for the Honeymoon, Black Magic Rites, Au Pair Girls, Zeta One, Female Vampire, Exorcism, A Virgin Among the Living Dead, House of Whipcord, The Comeback, Die Screaming Marianne, Burke and Hare and The Blood Beast Terror.

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