'Re-Animator' Leads Blu-Ray Horror Titles in September   

August 29, 2012 One of the most important horror films from the 1980s hits Blu-Ray in two weeks. 1985's "Re-Animator" from Stuart Gordon will finally be seen in 1080p on September 4, courtesy of Image Entertainment.

More essential horror titles are being released the same month. Mario Bava's "Lisa and the Devil" hits Blu-Ray September 18, in a double feature with the recut version of the same film, "House of Exorcism." The same day, Bava's "Black Sunday" and "Hatchet for a Honeymoon" get the Blu-Ray treatment, courtsey of Kino. Bava's "Hatchet for the Honeymoon" is also getting a Blu-Ray release.

RaroVideo in Italy will be releasing the rare "Night of the Devils" from 1972 on Blu-Ray September 25. In this rare Euro-trash horror film, Gianni Garko plays an insane man admitted to a psychiatric institution that no one can identify. While in ward, he starts having flashbacks of what brought him there. He starts to remember how his car broke down and when he went looking for help he came upon a strange man burying his dead son. Strange scenes of the macabre ensue leading up to the gruesome night with this backwoods family who secrets are slowly revealed. What strange curse is this family hiding?

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