'Incredible Melting Man' to Melt in High Definition   

April 5, 2013 The 1977 minor horror hit will finally see a Blu-Ray release in the summer of 2013.

Scream Factory has announced to retailers that they will release 'The Incredible Melting Man' on Blu-ray this summer. Here’s the official synopsis:

Shortly after returning to Earth from a dangerously botched space mission, an astronaut discovers he's contracted an illness that causes his flesh to melt. As he slowly transforms into a mass of walking muck, he turns resentful towards humans and sets out on a ruthless killing spree, while government scientists race to stop him.

This is a pretty good R-rated B-horror sci-fi romp which gained some fame in the 1990s when it was spoofed on Mystery Science Theater. Maybe their version will be a supplement.

Watch for it July 30.

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