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June 5, 2013 It's been nearly half a decade since the last "Friday the 13th" movie -- the Marcus Nispel-directed, Michael Bay-produced remake that was a bit of a disappointment. Once in the hands of New Line Cinema, the Jason franchise has finally gone back to Paramount (which apparently always had rights to the "Friday the 13th" name -- hence films with titles like "Jason X.") Could "Friday the 13th Part 13" be coming in 2015?

The reason I ask is that Friday falls on the 13th in February of 2015. That's more than enough time for Paramount, the new owners of the franchise, to crank out a "Friday the 13th Part 13" (it would be the thirteenth movie in the franchise).

Paramount won the rights back when they agreed to share the spoils with Warner for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film:

When Paramount and Warner Bros. teamed up on Christopher Nolan's latest movie project in January, some wondered how Warners made its way on board a project set up at a rival studio.
Now, months later, The Hollywood Reporter has learned more about the price that Warners had to pay in exchange for half the Nolan project. The cast of characters includes Friday the 13th villain Jason Voorhees as well as the foul-mouthed kids from South Park.

Obviously Paramount is going to do something with those rights. Since they already had exclusive rights to the "Friday the 13th" name (New Line had to partner with them to release the 2009 remake with "Friday the 13th" in the title instead of just calling it a "Jason" movie), it would seem that making a 13th movie for 2015 would make the most sense. Here's hoping.

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