Restored 'Wicker Man' to See Theatrical Run   

July 23, 2013 1973's "The Wicker Man" has been hailed by Christopher Lee as one of the favorite films he ever starred in -- and it does stack up as a classic early '70s British horror film. The uncut version of the film had been lost for decades. But the original negatives have just been found -- and the film is due for a new theatrical run!

Reports Screen Daily:

A worldwide appeal to retrieve missing film material for horror classic The Wicker Man has turned up an original print, that will released by StudioCanal this autumn.

The Wicker Man: The Final Cut will be released in cinemas on September 27, and on DVD/BD October 14 in celebration of the 40th anniversary.

On Facebook, original filmmaker Robin Hardy spoke about the breakthrough discovery. The film's uncut version did make its way to VHS way back in the 1980s but with the original negatives lost, never made it to DVD or Blu Ray.

"This version will - optimistically - be known as the Final Cut." The release will be promoted as a 40th anniversary re-release.

Great news for vintage horror fans for sure!

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