News Briefs: 'Lost Skeleton 2', 'Diary of the Dead 2'   

December 6, 2007 Larry Blamire is at work on a sequel to "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra," his hilarious sednup of B-moives from the '50s and '60s. It's entitled "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again." ... Tim Burton's gory musical "Sweeney Todd" scored its first award: The National Board of Review named Burton Best Director for the film. The flick opens Dec. 21. ...

Peter Grunwald told Fangoria that a "Diary of the Dead" sequel is in fact in the works: ďThis will be a true sequel, the next chapter in the adventure that began with Diary, with many of the same characters and actors. Itís the first time George has done that with one of his Dead films, and itís going to be a really cool, interesting departure."

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News Briefs: 'Lost Skeleton 2', 'Diary of the Dead 2'
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