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December 8, 2007 Following the success of last year's Forbidden Terrortory board game, Britannia Games has extended its Hammer Horror range, with Coolabi rolling out a new interactive DVD game.

Vampire Terrortory allows fans to assist Professor Van Helsing on a quest to find Dracula. It contains clips of all the famous Hammer Vampire classics and is already doing well in HMV, Virgin and Forbidden Planet. It is also available through the Hammer website, www.hammerfilms.com.

"A working knowledge of the Hammer films will give you a good start, but the great things about the game is that you learn about Hammer films as you go along, so movie buffs should love it," said Britannia Games sales director Ralph Patmore.

Janet Woodward, head of licensing at Coolabi, added: "As Hammer celebrates its 50th anniversary it is terrific to see these classic characters having such an entertaining and exciting life on a state of the art format such as interactive DVD. I think it proves that Hammer Horror is a vibrant and dynamic brand that can adapt itself to almost any platform."

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