Scotland: New Home to Horror?   

December 8, 2007 Two virtually identical articles recently hit the Internet, suggesting that Scotland is the new place to be when it comes to making horror films.

One is “Horror stories: Scotland now a top location for film-makers raising hell” by Brian Ferguson; the other is “Could Edinburgh be a world capital for horror films?” by Brian Pendreigh.

The articles are obviously inspired by a sort of Q-text (presumably a press release) about the news that an adaptation of the introductory story from Clive Barker’s Books of Blood has begun filmming in Edinburg. Doug Bradley (Pinhead in the HELLRAISER films) will star in the Book of Blood adaptataion, which is being produced by Barker’s Seraphim Films. Both articles use the singular form “Book of Blood” in reference to the film production, but neither states that is the actual title. No other details are available, and some roles are still being cast.

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