Hammer Horror Returns -- on Myspace   

December 13, 2007 From the Times of London: Thirty years ago, it was a byword for gore, suspense and over-acting. Now the Hammer House of Horror is open for business again, exclusively online, writes Hannah Strange.

Beyond the Rave, the first horror movie made by Hammer Films since 1976, will be released not in cinemas but through MySpace, the world's biggest social networking site, on which it will be streamed in episodes next spring before being released on DVD.

The studio said that Beyond the Rave would contain all the ingredients of a Hammer classic: “vampires, blood, death and suspense throughout”, but, as the name suggests, with a 21st century twist.

Hammer's resurrection follows its takeover earlier this year by a consortium led by John De Mol, the Dutch producer behind Endemol and creator of Big Brother. The new owners have promised to plough £25 million into a new generation of films for horror lovers via the web and mobile phones.

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