News Briefs: 'Clowns', 'Hatchet 2', Another 'Terror Circus' DVD Release   

December 28, 2007 Tim Sullivan spoke with Windy City Times about his upcoming movie slate. He's directing a film called "Clowns" for Tobe Hooper.

"My next flick is the sequel to Maniacs, and then after that, a project I am directing for Tobe Hooper with Diamond Dallas Page called Clowns. After that, however, I am going into production on a supernatural love story called Brothers of the Blood, depicting a love triangle between two male vampires and a female mortal. It will be sexy, scary, tragic, elegant, operatic and, yes, highly erotic. Thomas Dekker, who was on [ TV’s ] Heroes and is John Connor in the new Terminator TV series for Fox, will be playing the young male vampire, and we are in talks with Rob Lowe to play the elder."

Adam Green spoke with about "Hatchet 2":

“The way I left 'Hatchet' open to sequels was by purposely leaving a lot of questions unanswered,” he told them. “I have had a lot of people ask me if Victor Crowley really died or if he is a ghost or the undead. I left all of that ambiguous so that if there is a sequel, it will be its own film and not just Victor Crowley killing people again. We will go into the backstory with the next movie." ...

Fangoria also reports on another release of "Terror Circus", starring Andrew Prine, which is heading to DVD. Currently, Code Red has a release slated of this film. Now Johnny Legend has his own release, under the title "Barn of the Naked Dead," which is what the film was called during its 1970s U.S. theatrical run. "“After 34 years of charting this unusual film’s journey, I’m incredibly proud to be presenting the widescreen DVD world premiere of 'Barn of the Naked Dead', featuring a fascinating in-depth interview with Andrew Prine,” he tells Fangoria. “The film required countless hours of fine-tuning, including re-syncing most of the original dialogue, which, if you look at any of the earlier—and terrible—releases, if you can even see them, was in pretty bad shape." His DVD will release on Jan. 29.

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