35th Anniversary DVD of 'Stanley'   

December 31, 2007 Anyone remember William Grefe's 1972 film "Stanley"? This killer snake movie released in the wake of the success of "Willard" enjoyed some airtime on TV in the '70s before descending into obscurity. It's actually a damn good horror movie.

Now, Code Red is releasing the film on DVD.

First released on video in 1978 on VCI (91min) which used a Gold Key entertainment TV print missing the pre-credit sequence, some other scenes here and there, and the ending, then later had an unauthorized Neon/Fusion Video (94min) which seemed to use a 16mm Crown International television print which was still missing scenes and the original ending. Then in 1988 VidAmerica released the overseas Columbia Pictures version (96min) which had the violence and the ending but still ran short. We were asked by Cliff MacMillian to check out thier master to make sure it's uncut, and are pleased to announced for the first time, the 107 min version has been found!

We our very happy that Cliff MacMillan and Navarre/BCI will be putting this out and CODE RED DVD is involved and hopefully we will be able to work with Cliff in doing some of the extras on this fantastic find since we are good friends with Bill Grefe!

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