DVD News: 'Shrooms', 'Lost' Plus Other DVDs   

January 13, 2008 The theme of the day is "DVD gets limited theatrical run", which is happening to two upcoming releases.

Irish horror film "Shrooms" will get a limited theatrical release in the U.S. Feb. 1 before its DVD release March 25. Check out the official site here. ... The same is also true of Chris Silvertson's "The Lost" (based on the Jack Ketchum novel). Silverton (perhaps best known for "I Know Who Killed Me") will have his debut film play NYC, LA, Chicago and Austin, TX in late February.

In other DVD news, "Wrestlemaniac" (about a psycho Mexican wrestler) will street from Anchor Bay March 11. And all 8 "AfterDark Horror Fest" titles will hit DVD via Lionsgate on March 18.

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