Blunt to Star in 'Wolf Man'   

January 22, 2008 From Premire: "We were able to corner Emily Blunt at the Sundance Film Festival, and the actress confirms that things between her and actor Benicio Del Toro are about to get very hairy."

The Devil Wears Prada actress, long rumored to be playing the love interest in director Mark Romanek's re-imagining of the classic Lon Chaney Jr. horror film The Wolf Man (with a script supplied by Seven writer Andrew Kevin Walker), confirmed that, yes, she is definitely on board as the object of Benicio Del Toro's lupine lust.

Blunt also expressed a great deal of enthusiasm about the project in general. "I don't really love horror, but I love those two guys [Mark Romanek and Benicio del Toro] and that's why I want to do it," she explains.

"It's a great script, as well as very smart and dark...It's gonna be scary. I think it will have quite a gothic edge and I hope people like it."

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