'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Remake   

January 29, 2008 Don't expect Robert Englund to return for another "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie. Don't expect a prequel. Expect a Platinum Dunes' remake.

From tomorrow's Hollywood Reporter:

Freddy's back. Again.

New Line is in talks with horror production company Platinum Dunes to re-launch the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movie series, the franchise that helped establish the studio.

Partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form will produce the redo.

The first "Nightmare" movie was made by Wes Craven and released in 1984. The runaway success of the film spawned a slew of films and created one of the most popular villains in screen history, Freddy Krueger, played by Robert Englund. ...

A writer will be hired once the strike ends. The producers are hoping to center part of the new movie on Krueger's backstory.

Platinum Dunes is prepping another re-launch, "Friday the 13th," which will be directed by Marcus Nispel for New Line, for whom they remade "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and its sequel.

The company is remaking "Near Dark" for Rogue and "The Birds" for Universal. It is also prepping a non-remake project, an untitled David Goyer thriller.

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