'Saw' Videogame to Debut in October   

January 30, 2008 Just in time for "Saw V," the authorized videogame will hit stores in October, and promises to answer "questions left unanswered by the 'Saw' films." For a "Saw" fanatic who watches the films over and over again to try to get a grip on what's going on, this is a godsend.

Here's the press release on it:

Set to release in October 2009, in conjunction with the next installment of the film series, SAW the videogame will give fans of Jigsaw and these films a reason to live. Collaborating closely with Lions Gate and Twisted pictures, the game will have its own unique storyline, while answering questions left unanswered by the SAW films. In an effort to stay true to the movies, Brash is working closely with creators of the SAW franchise, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, ensuring the game pulls no punches, and delivers the horrifying suspense and disbelief that has floored fans worldwide. The SAW game is currently in development for next-gen platforms and will be built using the Unreal 3 game engine.

The SAW franchise, which has emerged as one of the most inventive and popular franchises in the horror genre, has grossed out audiences around the globe and grossed more than $500M worldwide, including selling over 15 million DVDís.

Check out www.whoisjigsaw.com for more.

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