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February 4, 2008 Anchor Bay is set to release another Jack Ketchum adaptation, along with "Walled In," a film based on a novel by the "Stephen King of France."

From today's Hollywood Reporter:

Anchor Bay Entertainment has picked up rights to two thrill-filled novel adaptations: "Walled In," from the "Stephen King of France" Serge Brossolo, and "The Lost," from horror writer Jack Ketchum.

The distributor picked up U.S. rights to Gilles Pacquet-Brenner's psychological thriller "Walled In," which stars Mischa Barton as a demolotion company exec who finds disturbing things are unearthed when an old building is razed. Deborah Kara Unger and Cameron Bright also star in the film, based on Brossolo's novel "Les Emmures."

Anchor Bay also picked up North American rights to Chris Sivertson's "Lost," based on Ketchum's novel, which follows the trail of a suburban serial killer (Marc Sentner). Michael Bowen, Dee-Wallace Stone, Ed Lauter, Megan Henning and Erin Brown also star. The film will hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles later this month, followed by a DVD release.

"Walled In" is the first feature from Leomax Entertainment. The outfit's genre label Indigomotion will theatrically distribute the film later in the year in conjunction with Anchor Bay.

Anchor Bay previously released the Ketchum adaptation "The Girl Next Door" and recently picked up Leomax's Swedish psychological thriller "Cold Prey."

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