Confirmed by Englund Himself: He Is NOT Playing Krueger   

February 4, 2008 We were emailed this morning with a troubling message that Robert 'Krueger' Englund will not be in the upcoming "A Nightmare on Elm Street" remake as Krueger. "Hi, we had confirmation that Robert Englund won't be Freddie Kruger in the new version of Nightmare on Elm Street. I had the chance to meet Englund, who was in Rome preparing his next directorial effort, The Viji, and we talked about the Nightmare franchise.

"By reading what he told me, it's clear that he won't reprise the Freddie Kruger role, but he said he would like to appear in a cammeo, because he's a great fan of Michael Bay." interviewed Englund during his shoot on a new movie in Italy. The actor absolutely confirms it. He will not play Krueger in the remake.

"I've been here in Rome and around Italy scouting location for my new movie, The Viji for the Redark company, and I talked with my wife last night. She told me there was an announcement, so I need to discuss it with my agent. I think it's due to the great success of the Rob Zombie version of Halloween and I also liked a lot the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, even if I think the original by Tobe Hooper is perfect. Likewise, I consider the original version of Nightmare on Elm Street a classic of this genre, but I think there is always room for new interpretations by using the new tecnology. In the past, they were talking about a prequel. Anyway, I'm too old for this new version, otherwise it would be Freddie vs. Viagra." Click here for more.

This is one instance where, actually, bringing the old actor back makes sense and it's disappointing to hear that New Line is thinking of replacing Robert Englund.

Previously, the buzz was Englund might be coming back.

Well, the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series is all about dreams, so having a "remake" would work from that context, even with Krueger in the lead role. Hopefully New Line will reconsider.

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