Moldy Oldies Announced for DVD   

February 26, 2008 "Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II" is heading to DVD courtesy of MGM and "The Car" is heading back to disc from Universal.

"Hello Mary Lou", the in-name-only sequel from 1987, is actually better than the Jamie Lee Curtis slasher film, and was a pretty entertaining sequel that hit VHS during the height of the horror-on-tape craze. If it had a theatrical run back then, it was pretty brief. Wish our review was still up of this entertaining and sleazy horror film but it's one of those reviews that has managed to disappear over time. Needless to say, this was a pretty fun movie.

Meanwhile, 1977's "The Car", starring James Brolin, is a horror cheese fest that needs no introduction. A cross between some of the "Equinox" and Spielberg's "Jaws", it's a legendary bad PG horror movie. "The Car" streets on May 6 while "Prom Night 2" hits stores April 1.

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