Short Films Promote 'Obscure: The Aftermath'   

March 18, 2008 Live action trailers have been developed to promote the upcoming game Obscure: The Aftermath.

Created in support of the upcoming video game release of Obscure: The Aftermath, the trailers vividly convey the first scenes of the game’s story and culminates with a cliffhanger.

The game is set to hit stores March 25 for Wii, Playstaion 2 and PC players. Director Don Tyler created a gruesome thriller which combines surviving grotesque monsters and hair raising music. Pop-rock quintet The Audition has created a video game inspired music video to promote their new hit single “Warm Me Up.”

Like many horror games, "Obscure: The Aftermath" is rated “M” for Mature. To view the trailers click here.

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Short Films Promote 'Obscure: The Aftermath'
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