Asia Argento Stops Doing Nudity   

March 19, 2008 The daughter of Dario Argento is promoting her latest movie "Boarding Gate." She dropped this bombshell to the press: She will never do another nude scene again. The horors!

It also sounds like she may be ending her horror career as well.

"There's a limit," Argento says in a smoky voice on the phone from her home in Rome. "And luckily I'm getting more dignified and old as time goes on. My rebellious years have come to a halt. And I'm sick of having to justify myself for work that I do. It mixes the person that you are and the persona of what you are on the screen. ...

"The last thing I want is to be pigeonholed into doing the same role for the rest of my life, like Bela Lugosi did," adds Argento. "I don't want to end up sleeping in the coffin like him."

She told all this to the New York Daily News. Meanwhile, the Village Voice just ran a fawning profile of the actress here.

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