Stuart Gordon Reconfirms: 'House of Re-Animator' Is Dead   

March 28, 2008 We reported in 2006 that "House of Re-Animator" was a dead project. Now Stuart Gordon himself has confirmed that the film won't be happening.

"Unfortunately, it doesnít look like itís going to happen," he told Fangoria. "We could not find funding for it; I think people are still too afraid of offending the Bush administration."

Gordon told ESplatter about "House of Re-Animator" in 2001. "This is an idea I had for a movie called 'House of ReAnimator,' and yes, it was set in the White House. In it, the president dies and has to be reanimated by Herbert West."

Gordon told Fango that his H.P. Lovecraft-inspired thriller "Thing at the Doorstep" will be going forward and his most recent film, the thriller "Stuck," will be getting limited release in May.

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