'Friday the 13th' Update: Effects Guy Hired, Docu in the Works   

April 14, 2008 No big surprise here, but Marcus Nispel's make-up effects guy from the "Texas Chainsaw" remake will be returning to do effects for Nispel's "Friday the 13th" remake.

Scott Stoddard did make-up for "Texas," "Siny City," and "Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist." Thanks to STYD.

Meanwhile, a retrospective documentary on the original "Friday the 13th" series is in the works. Fangoria reports that F13 creator Sean Cunningham is supporting a documentary on the entire franchise being put together by producer Anthony Masi, who produced "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror." Masi told Fangoria that "with the remake of the first film about to go into production, all of a sudden there’s a renewed interest in the series.”

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