MOH Writers Catch a 'Bat Out of Hell' -- Will Carpenter Direct?   

April 17, 2008 Horror project "Bat Out of Hell," written by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan is being produced by Warren Zide of the "Final Destination" franchise. McWeeny and Swan both wrote one-hour movies directed by John Carpenter -- "Pro-Life" and "Cigarette Burns" -- for "Masters of Horror".

Zide is partnering with Parrallel Media in a $70 million production financing deal that covers eight films. "Bat," written by the two Masters of Horror scribes, is one of those films, according to Variety.

The film is set on a red eye flight with someone evil in the cargo breaking out. It seems like that John Carpenter will direct the movie. His team ups with the two writers for Masters of Horror were among the best episodes of the series.

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