Connery, Foree and Haig in 'Brotherhood'   

October 4, 2007 "Brotherhood of Blood", the vampire movie directed by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch, and starring Victoria Pratt, Jason Connery, Ken Foree and Sid Haig, will have its world premiere at the 40th International Sitges Film Festival.

The Sitges Film Festival, widely recognized as the most important film festival for horror and fantasy movies worldwide, is scheduled October 4th to 14th in Sitges, Spain.

"Brotherhood of Blood" will run in the Midnight X-treme section on October 11th.

"We are thrilled to show BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD in Sitges", tells director Peter Scheerer. "This is the best festival for genre films, and there could be no better place to have the premiere of our movie."

"This is exciting", adds director Michael Roesch. "We saw how all the years all the great horror films were screened in Sitges, and we would never have thought that one day we could have our own movie in the festival. To have BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD in Sitges is absolutely awesome."

BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD stars Victoria Pratt ("House of the Dead 2", "Daybreak", "Mutant X"), Sid Haig ("House of 1000 Corpses","The Devil's Rejects", "Halloween"), Ken Foree ("Dawn of the Dead", "The Devil's Rejects", "Halloween"), Jason Connery ("Shanghai Noon", "Wishmaster 3"), Will Snow ("The Lost World") and Rachel Grant ("James Bond: Die Another Day").

Juergen Popp is Executive Producer, Nicole Ackermann and Mark Burman ("The Mangler Reborn", "The Thirst: Blood War") are the Producers. Sascha Seifert, Wolfgang Herold and Scott Pearlman ("The Mangler Reborn", "The Thirst: Blood War") are Co-Producers, Calum Waddell is Associate Producer.

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