3-D Boobs in 'Piranha 3-D'   

April 18, 2008 Alexandre Aja is in the news quite a bit these days. The first photo from his "Mirrors" remake showed up yesterday. Today, he tells ComingSoon.net/STYD that his "Piranha" remake is going to be R-rated, totally in 3-D and even feature some 3-D boobs.

"That was the really exciting reason we jumped on that movie," Aja tells ShockTillYouDrop.com. "We were on the set of P2 and we were like, 'How cool would it be to see that live-action movie in 3-D?' We are thinking at the same time, let's see a real R-rated movie in 3-D with the new technology! So, Piranha is going to be completely in 3-D."
He added: There is not one character or one situation that is similar to the Joe Dante or James Cameron [Piranha] movies - it's completely, completely, completely different."
One major enhancement over the Joe Dante original: "Yes, 3-D boobs."

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