Another Horror Comics Adaptation: 'Deal with the Devil'   

May 9, 2008 Lionsgate purchased rights to the comic book "Deal With the Devil" and hired writer Kyle Ward to adapt it for the big screen.

Published by Alias, "Deal with the Devil" is about a Chicago detective who, in order to hunt down a copycat killer, is forced to partner with the original serial killer.

As put by Alias: "DEAL WITH THE DEVIL is the tale of a man who once had it all; family, faith, health, the respect and adoration of his peers, and the reputation as the best homicide detective in FBI history. In his last case, his prey became his hunter, and his career was ended in shame and worthlessness. Four years later, his nemesis returns to ask for... his help. Find out why in this thrilling journey through the darkness in a world where things are never what they seem..."

Ward wrote the thriller "Fiasco Heights" and is writing the video-game adaptation "Kane & Lynch" for Lionsgate.

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