'Dawn of the Dead' Gets 3-D Treatment Like 'Star Wars'   

May 14, 2008 What's with this report today that "Dawn of the Dead" is going to be released in 3-D? That is, not remade in 3-D like "Night of the Living Dead" was, but re-released in 3-D? How is that possible?

In-Three, a company that specializes in turning 2D movies into 3D experiences, is being given the chance to do it. If it sounds bogus, you should listen to what George Lucas has to say. He's having In-Three turn his "Star Wars" trilogy into 3-D movies:

"When I first saw In-Three's Dimensionalization process I was truly amazed. The 3D was of a quality better than anything I had previously experienced. Seeing my own Star Wars images in authentic 3D convinced me that it would be a whole new way for audiences to be able to re-live the Star Wars films. It's really a beautiful system, and one of the reasons I'm promoting it today is I'm extremely anxious to reissue that old group of films I did so long ago in a galaxy far away.

"When you see some of this test footage, it's shockingly good, and you can see how people would want to go see it. It means we can repurpose a lot of old movies, and at the same time it really gives a whole new dimension to the movies we're making now."
So, turning "Dawn of the Dead" into a 3-D film doesn't sound so horrible after all. Richard P. Rubinstein is doing it and it should be out in theaters in 2009, apparently. But we'll see what George Romero has to say about it.

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