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May 20, 2008 One somewhat forgotten 1980s horror franchise was "Psycho," which saw a resurgence thanks to "Psycho II" in '83, followed by "Psycho III" and a made-for-Showtime "Psycho IV."

Of course, "Psycho" was also the first horror film to be hit with the remake curse that has infected every other franchise of the 1980s.

Now Icons of Fright Productions is putting finishing touches on 'THE PSYCHO LEGACY' - an independently produced documentary project, which chronicles the entire PSYCHO franchise - including the original movie, but focusing on the sequels, as well as the TV movies, the Robert Bloch novels and the Innovation comic books. It's meant to examine and look at the complete history of a pop culture icon. Norman Bates. And more importantly... Mother.

Interviews include several people involved in the making of all the PSYCHO films, as well as various professionals currently in the horror industry whom were inspired by PSYCHO and its sequels. The object of the film (Being produced by ICONS OF FRIGHT co-creator Robert Galluzzo) is to both reflect and remind people that the PSYCHO films have their set place in horror history and are still relevant and loved by genre fans of today.

Rob explains, “I was inspired to start this documentary for a number of reasons. The main one being a lack of one. Like many current horror filmmakers out there now, I was at the ideal age when all the sequels came out, and there’s very little material out there documenting the stories behind the making of those Psycho sequels. I will cover the original movie, but there’s already so much out there about Hitchcock’s PSYCHO. I’m really interested in answering all the burning questions fans have had through out the years about the sequels. And I can confidently say that I’ve already uncovered never-before-heard stories from the filmmakers involved.”

Click here to watch the first 12 minutes of the film.

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