Masters of Horror 'Dream Cruise' Anchors in November   

October 5, 2007 Can nightmares reach from the land into the sea? Is justice for the dead strictly land-locked? Renowned Japanese horror director Norio Tsuruta (Ringu O, Premonition) charts man’s primal fear of the ocean and drowning with his unique Masters of Horror episode “Dream Cruise.” Premiering on DVD November 13th from Anchor Bay Entertainment, “Dream Cruise” promises an unforgettable voyage into the unknown, presenting a horizon of horror on the high seas as only the Masters of Horror can! SRP is a shallow $14.98, with pre-book on October 11th.

Adapted from a short story by the legendary Japanese horror novelist Koji Suzuki, “Dream Cruise” stars Daniel Gillies (Spider-Man 2) as an American attorney working in Japan. He also harbors a crippling fear of the ocean, due to a childhood trauma. Even more threatening waters lie ahead when he begins a dangerous affair with the wife (Yoshino Kimura) of a wealthy client (Ryo Ishibashi, Audition, The Grudge). When the trio embark on a sunset boat trip, the stage is set for a tragic showdown between those who love and those who will kill to keep what is theirs.

“Dream Cruise” on DVD reaches flank speed with in-depth bonus features as:

Widescreen (1.78:1) presentation, enhanced for 16x9 televisions
Audio Commentary with Actor Daniel Gillies, Producer Mick Garris and Moderator Perry Martin
The Making of Dream Cruise
Photo Gallery
Script (DVD-ROM)
Premiering on the Showtime cable network in October 2005 to critical and public acclaim, each one-hour Masters of Horror film sets a new standard in terror, written and directed by some of the genre’s leading practitioners.

The executive producers of Masters of Horror are Morris Berger and Steve Brown; Starz Media’s John W. Hyde; Industry Entertainment’s Keith Addis and Andrew Deane; and Nice Guy Productions’ Mick Garris. Reunion Pictures’ Lisa Richardson and Tom Rowe are producers. Industry Entertainment’s Adam Goldworm and Ben Browning are co-producers on the series.

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