'80s Zombie Flick 'The Dead Pit' Hits DVD June 17   

May 26, 2008 Here's a long lost artificat from the era of Bush the Elder: "The Dead Pit" from 1989. Never before available on DVD, released on VHS with memorable cover art featuring flashing eyes on the lead zombie, Brett Leonard's forgotten zomie film definitely deserved some kind of resurrection.

Code Red is releasing it to DVD June 17 in an unrated 2-disc director's cut.

Here's the official synopsis:

Zombies rise up from a terrifying pit beneath a notorious mental asylum to do the bidding of the evil Dr. Ramzi the crazed doctor who twenty years before was walled up alive in the crazy house after someone discovered his horrific experiments involving formaldehyde and illegal lobotomies. Following each experiment the doctor would casually toss the dead victims into the pit. While his captor slowly bricks him up Ramzi swears that he will have revenge. When enigmatic Jane Doe is admitted into the asylum for severe amnesia and she turns out to have amazing subconscious psychic power that wakens Ramzi from his hellish sleep he gets his revenge. Jane and Ramzi seem to be psychically linked and he draws his power from her as he begins to resurrect his former victims. He then sends his small zombie army out into the hospital to find new recruits. Gory creative killing occurs for Ramzi's zombies are not only quick they are also semi-intelligent. Now only Jane the doctor who originally killed Ramzi a psychotic demolitions expert and a lunatic zombified nun can stop them.

"The Dead Pit" surprised horror fans upon its release, receiving positive reviews in genre magazines such as Fangoria and Slaughterhouse. Drive-In critic Joe Bob Briggs gave the film four stars (his highest rating) and praised lead Cheryl Lawson's screaming ability.

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