June 9 Horror Briefing   

June 9, 2008 Some quick news bites on Sam Raimi, the "Friday the 13th" TV series, and the "Friday" remake.

In widely reported comments to reporters, Sam Raimi gave a status update on the "Evil Dead" remake he previously said he was going to make. "We never actually pursued it," Raimi said the "Evil Dead" remake. "We said we were going to do it, and then we got so busy with other projects we never actually pursued it. So we still want to do it. We still think it's worth trying, and ... I've not done a single thing about it." ...

Paramount has set September 23 as the release date for "Friday the 13th: The Series," which was a late 1980s TV show that had the same name as the film series, but didn't feature Jason. The whole first season will be released and no bonus features have been announced. The show as on for three seasons. ...

Stuntman Chris Carnel is playing the killer in the 3-D "My Bloody Valentine" remake. ... The "Friday the 13th" remake DVD, when it comes out in late 2009, will be a double-disc set with extras, Platinum Dunes has already announced. And Dunes may not be working on a second sequel to their "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake because of rights issues.

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