The Full Screamfest LA Lineup   

October 7, 2007 Arguably the best horror fest in the nation kicks off this week in Los Angeles with Screamfest LA. The big news from the fest, of course, is the first U.S. screening of George Romero's "Diary of the Dead." But there will also be screenings of "30 Days of Night," the director's cut of "Planet Terror" and much much more.

Here is the complete lineup:

Friday, October 12th
Time 7:30 - Diary of the Dead

Saturday, October 13th
12pm - Student shorts
3pm - Short film program 1 (click here for titles)
5pm - Short film program 2 (click here for titles)
7:30pm - Dead in 3 Days
9:30pm - 25th Anniversary screening and reunion: Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D (followed by a Q&A)
11:30pm - 25th Anniversary screening and reunion: Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D (with introduction by select cast members)

Sunday, October 14th
12pm - Room 205
1:45pm - Alone
3:30pm - Dood Eind (Dead End)
5:30pm - Paranormal Activity
7:30pm - Days of Darkness
9:30pm - Hell's Ground

Monday, October 15th
7pm - Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror (Director's Cut)
9:15pm - Return to House on Haunted Hill preceeded by 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails

Tuesday, October 16th
7:30pm - Grauman's Chinese Theatre: 30 Days of Night
7:30pm - Mann Chinese 6: Tooth and Nail
9:30pm - Mann Chinese 6: Wasting Away

Wednesday, October 17th
7:30 - Suck (short will screen before the feature)
7:30pm - Inside (└ l'intÚrieur) followed by a party at Mood

Thursday, October 18th
5pm - Sympathy
7pm - Frayed
9:30pm - The Tripper followed by a party at Garden of Eden
11pm - Shrooms

Friday, October 19th
7:30pm - Hallowed Ground
9:30pm - Storm Warning
11pm - The Rage

Saturday, October 20th
12pm - Buried Alive
2pm - Boogeyman 2
4:30pm - Headless Horseman
7pm - The Signal
9pm - Timber Falls

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