Stuart Gordon to Helm 'Thing on the Doorstep'   

June 16, 2008 His proposed "House of Re-Animator" now only a memory, Stuart Gordon is teaming up with Amicus Productions (which released his "Stuck" drama) to helm "The Thing on the Doorstep," which he wrote with Dennis Paoli.

Gordon told Fangoria that he hopes to begin filming in the fall. "It follows the short story pretty closely, and whatís great about it is that, as far as I know, itís the only Lovecraft tale that has a strong female character. Normally we have to invent one, but for the first time, we didnít have to do that. Weíre also working with Amicus again, because we had so much fun the first time around."

If you are curious about the story, you can read it online for free here.

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