Exploitation 'Classics' Hitting DVD   

July 3, 2008 "Satan's Slave," "Terror", "Vampire Hookers" and "Cemetery Girls" are all striking DVD September 16 courtesy of the BCI's Exploitation Cinema double features series. Classics, they ain't, but fun they are. All the titles are getting the widescreen anamorphic treatment ("Terror" and "Slave" for the very first time). Check out the cover art.

Here are the storylines:

Satan's Slave
A young girl moves in with her Uncle Alexander after her parents car mysteriously explodes. After being taken in by her cousins, she soon begins suffering strange visions. But what she doesn t know is that her planned role in the house is more sinister than she could have expected.

British director, James Garrick, throws a party in celebration of his latest horror movie. Three hundred years earlier, the diabolical witch, Mad Molly, placed a curse on his family after they burned her at the stake. The descendants and party-goers soon begin dying in brutally inventive fashion.

Cemetery Girls
While travelling by wagon, a quartet of beautiful women discuss Dracula mythos on the way through the Carpathian Mountains. After losing a wagon wheel, the four unwavering women are stranded at the sanitarium of the eccentric Dr. Wendell aka Count Dracula. Three of them will be vampires. One of them will be Dracula s lover. Prepare for the shocking conclusion of Count Dracula s Great Love.

Vampire Hookers
John Carradine stars as John Richmond, a smooth-talking vampire pimp in a white-suit with a harem of attractive hookers. There s only one problem, these hookers are vampires and warm blood isn t all they suck!

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