'Resident Evil 5' Revealed at E3   

July 14, 2008 "Resident Evil 5" in full gameplay at the video game industry's biggest trade event, E3, today, where RE5 producer took the stage to show off the game live. The game also received its first official release date: Friday the 13th, March 2009.

Reported TalkXbox.com:

The game started off with RE5's director, Ampo-san, playing as Chris Redfield. This is Chris' first game as a protagonist since the original Resident Evil, though he has appeared in series offshoots The Umbrella Chronicles and Code Veronica. The action came fast and furious, reaffirming RE5's commitment to the high adrenaline combat of Resident Evil 4.

In a surprising move, Takeuchi announced that Resident Evil 5 will have online co-op over Xbox Live. Chris met up with Sheva (a female character), controlled by the game's associate producer. Shortly after the meet up, the pair was confronted with a tide of undead. Chris took up a sniper position while Sheva went head to head with the tide. Her head-busting AK-47 doubtless made the challenge somewhat easier. After seconds of fast and frantic combat (and some rather poor sniping by Ampo-san), the pair rejoined. They then went downstairs and encountered a locked door, the classic bedevilment of Resident Evil. Working together, though, they smashed down the door and proceeded showing how the co-op system in Resident Evil 5 won't be just about smashing zombie craniums.

The game's setting will mirror the film "Black Hawk Down," apparently, with a development team that worked on the first Resident Evil. In a July 2007 Famitsu interview, producer Takeuchi revealed the main character as Chris Redfield. The new game takes place ten years after the events of the original Resident Evil game.

Meanwhile, UK-based publication Xbox World 360 revealed the game's setting: an unnamed African country near some active volcanoes. Recurring antagonist Albert Wesker, as well as Sherry Birkin (previously seen in the Resident Evil 2 game), will also be back.

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