Cronenberg Remakes in the Works   

October 10, 2007 With remakes making such big box office, just about every classic title from the 1970s is being dusted off for a redo. Now the work of David Cronenberg, one of the most distinctive directors of the era, is being raided.

David S. Goyer is writing the script to the 2008 "Scanners" with Darren Lynn Bousman directing. The film has an October 2008 release date. Actually of all of Cronenberg's films, this one probably deserves a remake as the original -- although a classic -- is a bit flawed. Read our review here. Dimension is releasing it. Meanwhile, a company called Splyglass Entertainment is remaking Cronenberg's most personal film, "The Brood", Variety reported. If there is one Cronenberg film that does not need a remake, it's that one.

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