What's Up with 'Scream 4'   

July 21, 2008 Moviehole reports that a spec script by Michael T. Kennedy is being read by Dimension Films for a possible "Scream 4." The only thing holding the film up is Neve Campbell, who apparently hasn't signed on.

"[The Weinstein's] might be taking a look at scripts, and talking about a possible Scream 4, but there is nothing in the works more so than there was 8 years ago. Basically the studio, Bob, Harvey, and Kevin [Williamson] all want to do a 4th film but Neve [Campbell] herself is the holdout. They feel there is no franchise without her and that they will wait for her to come around."

"Scream 4" turned up in a recent press release simply to generate buzz. Now, 8 years ago, it seemed very unlikely that Neve Campbell would ever return for a fourth film but she hasn't been in much since the "Scream" series ended, so why not make another one?

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