Catching Up on DVDs: July   

August 3, 2008 We're moving to a monthly format or our DVD listings since it's unrealistic that people head to their video store every single Tuesday looking for the latest titles. Anyway, most of the titles we all like don't turn up in the local stores anyway.

Looking back at the month of July, some major titles hit late in the month, including a new edition of Jean Rollin's "Lips of Blood" from Redemption, the "Masters of Horror" Season 2 DVD box set and the long out of print "Virgin Witch", also from Redemption.

The horror comedy "Brutal Massacre" also finally hit stores, courtesy of Anchor Bay, featuring David Naughton as a horror film director in a laugh fest that featurs a bunch of horror stars that are regulars on the convention circuit, including Ellen Sandweiss and Ken Foree. IFC/Genius, meanwhile, released "The Last Winter," directed by Larry Fessenden, in which some kind of team in Alaska gets overwhelmed by a mysterious evil.

Other notable releases included the remake of "Shutter" from Fox (review here) and the rather decent "Trapped Ashes" (review here) from Lionsgate.

And, of course, the biggest release of last month by far was "The Ruins," which also hit Blu-Ray (review here).

To make a long story short, it was a decent month for horror on DVD. We will be looking at what's ahead in August in a couple of days.

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