Clips From Lucy Liu Horror 'Rise'   

October 12, 2007 Available on DVD now is the unrated Lucy Liu vampire thriller "Rise." We've got some clips for you to check out.


Been a Week

Eye on a Prowl

Feeding Time

From the producers of THE GRUDGE Franchise comes this terrifying new thriller starring Lucy Liu! Sadie (Liu) is an investigative reporter who stumbles upon a dark underground cult that is attracting young Los Angeles hipsters. Lured in by the promise of wild parties, these kids start turning up dead, and when Sadie tries to get to the bottom of their gruesome murders, she becomes a victim herself. She awakens in the morgue, neither dead nor alive, a vampire, consumed by an overwhelming craving for blood. Trying desperately to fight off her thirst, Sadie prowls the dark city streets, armed with a crossbow and hell-bent on slaying the twisted vampires that made her this way. Detective Rawlins (Chiklis) is sick with rage and grief after his only daughter becomes another victim of the vampire cult. He crosses paths with Sadie in his investigation, and the two join forces, stopping at nothing until they¿ve exacted their revenge. RATING: R and Unrated. R for Strong Horror Violence and Gore, Sexuality, Nudity, Language and Brief Drug Use. Written and Directed by Sebastian Gutierrez

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