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September 2, 2008 Ah, traditionally September is the best month of the year for horror on DVD. This year seems to be a slight exception to that -- although it is probably the best month ever for horror on Blu-Ray.

Things get a little busy on September 9 on the DVD front with the release -- for the first time ever -- of an anamorphic widescreen print of "Child's Play." Yes, "Child's Play" has been out on DVD just about forever, but never ever in widescreen before. This is a 20th anniversary special edition release, so it comes dripping with extras, including commentaries with the cast, the director Todd Hollland, writer Don Mancini, etc. A must for fans of Chucky. A special edition release of "Pumpkinhead" hits stores that day as well. Again, this classic oldie comes dripping with extras for the first time.

Remember "Zombies Zombies Zombies" -- the zombies vs. strippers movies that was beaten to the theatrical punch by "Zombie Strippers"? Well it's hitting stores on Sept. 9 too.

On September 16, the "Exorcist" knock off "Beyond the Door" finally gets a DVD release in the U.S. Long available on the "gray market" circuit, the film is being given the remastered/special edition treatment from Code Red. This is a pretty fun, Italian (but filmed in San Francisco) '70s Exorcism movie.

Also on September 16, BCI is unleashing a couple of "Exploitation Cinema" double features, including a double offering of "Satan's Slave" and "Terror" and "Cemetery Girls" and (the awful) "Vampire Hookers." Lionsgate is releasing a new one that few people have seen: "The Legend of Bloody Mary." And the Weinstein Co. is releasing two Stephen King horrors on the same day: "The Mist" (a classic already, IMO) and "1408" (a big hit at least). Click their respective titles for full reviews.

And speaking of "The Exorcist," Warner Bros. is releasing a 2-disc release featuring the "Version You've Never Seen" rerelease version with "Exorcist: The Beginning." That's on September 23.

On the same day, '80s moldie oldie slasher "Final Exam" gets a release from BCI. "Freddy vs. Jason" and "Jason X" get a 2-disc release. "Friday" fans can also pick up the first season of the original "Friday the 13th" TV series that day as well.

At the end of the month, Dark Sky Films unleashes a double drive-in feature of "Jaws" rip off "Barracuda" and late '80s cannibal film "Island Fury." The same day -- Sept. 30 -- Redemption re-releases "Black Magic Rites" (aka, "The Reincarnation of Isabel.") Click here for our early review of the late 1990s release from the label. Also hitting stores that day, Blue Underground is releasing single-disc versions of the Euro trash classic "Daughters of Darkness" along with "Blood Spattered Bride." Click here for our review of "Daughters" and here for our review of "Blood Spattered Bride." Both films are very solid, Euro horror offerings and look as good as they ever will in their Blue Underground releases.

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