Clips From 'The Devil's Chair'   

October 1, 2008 Andrew Howard stars in Director Andrew Masonís gore-drenched thriller "The Devil's Chair", debuting unrated on DVD October 7th. Here are links to the trailer along with some clips.

The Devil's Chair Trailer

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Film Clip - Travel Plans

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Film Clip - Whatís Happening

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Searching for twisted thrills, Nick West (Andrew Howard) takes his girlfriend to an abandoned mental hospital to drop acid. But when his date sits on a mysterious chair, she is mutilated and her body is dragged into an unforeseen demonic black hole. When Nick tells his horrifying tale to the police, he is deemed clinically insane and locked away. Now, four years later, a brilliant psychology professor and his students return to the crime scene with the accused killer searching for the truth behind the terrifying occult mystery in this blood-drenched, supernatural thriller.

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