Cover Art, Special Features for 'Hellraiser II' DVD   

October 15, 2008 Hitting stores December 30 will be a 20th anniversary edition of "Hellbound: Hellraiser II." Not sure whether this will feature noticeably better picture quality than the edition that made it onto DVD a few years back, but it will be loaded with way more extra features.

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The initial run of this highly-anticipated special-edition DVD will include an official reproduction of the film’s original theatrical poster, and a phenomenally fearful selection of DVD extras including three brand new featurettes detailing the making of this horror classic: “The Soul Patrol,” which features all-new interviews with the film’s terrifying trio of Cenobites (Simon Bamford, Nicholas Vince and Barbie Wilde); “Outside the Box,” an exclusive in-depth interview with director Tony Randel about his early career and how Hellbound: Hellraiser II shaped his creative future; and “The Doctor Is In,” an all-new interview with internationally acclaimed actor Kenneth Cranham on his experiences playing the devious and diabolical Dr. Channard.

Another featurette, “Lost in the Labyrinth,” was produced by Clive Barker himself, the mastermind behind Hellraiser who served as the story writer and executive producer of Hellbound: Hellraiser II. In addition, there are vintage on-set interviews with the cast, crew and Barker, and an exclusive audio commentary featuring director Anthony Randel, screenwriter Peter Atkins and legendary “scream queen” Ashley Laurence.

Bonus features include:

Audio commentary with director Tony Randel, screenwriter Peter Atkins and actor Ashley Laurence
Theatrical Trailers (4) and TV Spots (2)
“The Soul Patrol” featurette – NEW interviews with Cenobite actors
“Outside the Box” featurette – NEW interview with director Tony Randel
“The Doctor is In” featurette – NEW interview with Kenneth Cranham
“Under the Skin” featurette -- Doug Bradley on Hellbound: Hellraiser II
“Lost in the Labyrinth” featurette
On-set interview with Clive Barker
On-set interviews with cast and crew
Poster and stills gallery

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